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Friday, June 15, 2007

Ok - I am really, really trying to get the "Hanging Garden" Shawl completed. I finished another pattern 'block' - only 7 more to go! MoMMa Mia. It never ends.

Lace can be frustrating for me. I think my mind wanders - and it really can't when *I* am knitting lace. Concentrating on the pattern, on the slippery needles and the cob web yarn requires the will of an Olympian. Lord knows, if there is one mistake - it can be devastating!

Thankfully, spinning calms the savage Lace Beast. I have been working in natural sheepie colors of late. Love the look! Love the feel!

I just completed a Bunch of Buck Naked skeins.

Aren't they pretty, au Naturale?

And - just so you know that I will be keeping sane while I finish the "HGS" ... look at "Nantahala" .... a beautifully, stunning tan Navajo Churro! She has the tiniest glint of red ... I am swooning!

Remember .... Inspire Art! Create Art! Buy Art! Be ART!! Comments, please!


Dove Knits said...

I'm that way with lace, too -- I kinda wander off mentally and then have to fix the missed yos and stuff. But you can do it!

Denise in Kent, WA said...

I love natural color wool yarn! You've got a great range of colors.

As far as the lace goes, just practice "reading" your lace. Once that becomes second nature, errors will jump out at you and be caught early -- when they're easy to fix. I admire your perseverance! Trust me, it's worth it. :)

Tracey said...

That navaho looks to die for! I've never worked with it, what's it like? I've got bags of raw fleece that's desperate for a bath so I can begin spinning again :)