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Friday, May 25, 2007

This weekend marks the official start of summer. I am overly excited about this as yesterday was my last day of work for a while (please read - school ended - YAY!)

A summer sabbatical means more spinning, knitting, carding & creating time. I hope to really get down to basics with my art work - something that I have truly been neglecting. I also want to read, read, read and learn, learn, learn. The past few weeks have shown me that life is truly short and yet abundant if we only appreciate the small things daily.

Take for instance the comments by NANnette & Chris! Personally, I never thought about edible flowers decorating the container by the side door. Nifty idea - MERCI! ... I will plant some in the garden instead. (Truth be told - DH appreciates a big, honkin' cuke on his plate a wee bit more than pansies & nasturtiums. Sigh ... I will try to work on that this summer!)

The "Lotus Blossom" shawl should be finished either today or tomorrow. YiPpEE! The next project??? Sivia Harding's Hanging Garden Stole! I purchased it from the Earth Faire and I will be using Liisu Yarn in laceweight alpaca. Want to say "YUM" with me? The 'Sunrise on the Bay' colorway is lovely ... this is going to be fun!

Hope you have a safe & WONDERfull weekend. And bless those who have left us - may we never forget their love and light!

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