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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Hey America! ...... Small Farmers need YOU!

And they need you RIGHT NOW!!

"Last Wednesday the House Agriculture Committee voted to increase subsidies that mega-farms use to drive family farms off the land and out of business. Not only does this action further subsidize the demise of family farms, it diverts scarce dollars from vital programs that could benefit all of America. This Thursday, Rep. Paul Ryan of Wisconsin will bring an amendment to the House floor during debate on the Farm Bill that will reverse this move.

The House Agriculture Committee's 2007 Farm Bill proposal is NOT reform. Representative Ryan's amendment is true reform. It would close the loopholes in farm programs that allow a few extremely wealthy individuals to receive multi-million dollar subsidy checks. Rep. Ryan's amendment would restore integrity to farm programs."

The VOTE is tomorrow - 7/26/07. Please sign this petition to help preserve America's Small Farm! SIGN HERE! and pass the link on. 10,000 signatures are needed - BloGdom is huge - and so are the hearts of knitters, spinners & artists! Sign! Sign! Sign!! Thank you!

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