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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Today is a hallmark day for me!

Today, I get to introduce my "Painted Ladies Lace Yarn"!

Lace is hot, sexy & totally IN!! I love knitting lace and many others do as well!

Nothing is better than creating a unique piece for yourself or as a
gift. But, as you know - I like to take that one step further - to
create something that no one else in the world will ever have!

That is why I paint yarn! I like to proclaim my individuality. Who wants to look like the masses when you can stand out above them??

Well .... here is Dragon Ladies & Dragon Knights! Approx 1600 yards of total "one of a kindness"!

I hope you like it!
Remember .... Inspire Art! Create Art! Buy Art! Be ART!! Comments, please!

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