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Thursday, November 11, 2010

HaPpY 4th Birthday!

Part of my creative power goes to the inspiration that all my dogs have provided me. I was never blessed with a four legged friend in childhood. Looking back, I don't think that my parents were very wise in denying me the 'gift of a dog.'

And, I truly believe, dogs are Gifts.

They teach me daily and remind me constantly that I am a work in progress. I need more patience. More exercise. More inclination to enjoy moments and less desire to worry about 'stuff'. (Seriously = dogs don't worry!)

They have taught me life is good as long as my 'peeps' are around. A good tummy rub can be equated to the finest massage and who needs an expensive car when ANY car ride is an adventure. Yes ... dogs are wise!

Today, my big boy turns 4! While we don't really know his true birthday - we always felt that 11/11 would be a cool date. Jaeger came to us less than 2 years ago ... what little we know - he was surrendered because he got 'to big'. He is a gentle giant and I am thankful that his previous owners were wise enough to bring him to a local shelter to give him a second chance.

HaPpY Birthday Baby-boy! .... we LOVE you, Jaeger!


Revelle said...

Welcome to EDM! I hope to see some of your recent artwork on your site. I love dogs too, as you will see if you have a chance to stop by my blog. I'll be seeing you on EDM! I love what you are doing for your charity!!!

Kathleen said...

Hey Kary! Glad to see you back posting again! Jaeger's looking good. I also have another dog, Porter. He's a pound boy, mixed breed and I have no idea really what he might be, but he's a great dog! He's at work with me every day, so we've become best buddies. Welcome back and I hope to read a LOT more of your days in dogs and fiber!