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Thursday, November 04, 2010

It's November!

WOW - I am ashamed to admit that I have not posted in months. Just when I thought that "Life" was slowing down - it didn't. Come to find out that once again, I am my own worst enemy when it comes to Demands & Stress. I am working on it - Demands & Stress are death to the Creative Muse. Time to kill the demonic twins and place the Muse back in front of the easel (or spinning wheel or loom or knitting needles!)

Actually, 'killing' them isn't the proper thing for a lady to do: it is time to tame them and their nasty family members (---> enter procrastination & self-pity / clutter & disorganization!) In order to tame we must nourish the Muse.

Like a garden, the Muse needs constant cultivation & nourishment. Self destruction is the quickest way to implode Her.

Of course clutter and disorganization doesn't make The Knotty Sheep a happy little sheepie. As we prepare to move from one location to another, boxes and bags around the house make me a little nutty. In my effort to reduce - I started weaving squares from odd-ball yarn. I am double stranding for warmth as it is to become a blanket. Both handspun & commercial product is being used. Yes - totally one of a kind! Should be interesting to watch it grow.

Of course, I haven't thought how best to sew them together .... THAT, my friends is for another post!

Feels GREAT to be back!

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