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Tuesday, December 30, 2003

I am quite amazed that 2003 is coming to an end. Seems like just yesterday I was in a whirl wind - spinning up a storm for SIS's Christmas afghan. Thankfully - it was completed, with time to spare & treasured on Christmas morning!

With 2004 just around the corner - I hesitate to make 'resolutions' due in part to the inescapable failure of NOT doing them. Seems weird - I can honor marriage vows but not one of losing weight, less yarn & fiber stash, less alcohol & more exercise! Hmm ... I guess in the scheme of things, my priorities are on target.

So - in thinking of this glorious year awaiting all of us - I do resolve one thing: to live more gently upon the earth. It shouldn't be THAT difficult ... I mean, to bring less packaging into the house ... No problem! To eat less meat ... EZ PZ! To walk places instead of always driving, to give more of myself as opposed to 'things', to spend more time making my little corner of the world AND myself the best it (& I ) can be. To cultivate peace & love to all that I meet .... No, these aren't resolutions - just me trying to 'pay my rent' for my space on earth. (Did I mention spin & knit & draw more too??) Happy New Year! TAG ME ... You are it!

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