The Knotty Sheep Shop

Friday, April 28, 2006

In trying to decide the next project - I took into consideration the time factor. Not that "Snowstar" took me all that long - but with the ever growing list of fleeces that are arriving on my doorstep, I need to think of space.

Yes - even a smallest ball of yarn takes up valuable studio space.

I decided on sox - hopefully, I will complete them ASAP as my mind is wandering to other things. Granted, my friend Pamela has some things planned. (WhEEEEE! - more on that later!) but, sox are the 'quick fix' in the knitting world.

I must mention that Christine is sponsoring a wonderful contest for super star Christie who is a participant in Revlon's Run/Walk next month. This event helps to raise money to beat Women's Cancers - cervical, ovarian and so forth! So ... don't walk .... RUN to her pledge page - Ruth Ricks.

I offer these wonderful, one of a kind "Swingin' Singles" as a prize! Go Christie! Go Christine! Comments, please!


trek said...

Those are beautiful yarns - how generous of you, too. Hope she makes her goal.

Pamela said...

Your yarns are superb - as always. You are so generous, offering them as a prize :)