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Saturday, April 01, 2006

Those who dabble in the fiber arts are most giving! While the world is filled with horror shows & horror stories - the quiet 'whir' of the spinning wheel and the strong pulse of the knitting needle can be heard echoing within the confines of the Universe.

As you know ... there are many charities to which to donate hand made items. My forte is wool & natural fibers, so I eagerly knit and spin for those who LOVE the warmth of wool! Enter my dear friend, Stasia.

Please read her BloG as she informs us of another wonderful charity who deservedly needs our wonderfully warm knitted items - the refugee children of Tibet.

Me?? Sure, I accept a challenge!! Since the Tibetan Children's Village needs sweaters - this Peace Fleece yarn
will be turned into this amazing Retro SKI Sweater!

Truth be told - I LOVE this sweater design so much - I am thinking *I* need one for ME!!
Comments please!


Birdsong said...

OMG - I used to have a vintage sweater very similar that I found in a thrift shop to wear cross-country skiing, back in the mid1970s! Where can I get the pattern? I could have it done by next winter..

Deborah said...

Great sweater! It looks like it will be fun to do too.