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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

I just completed *the* cutest infant socks!! Look!

I used my very own - hand painted "Painted Toes" sock yarn. Didn't they come out so sweet & tiny?? (Pattern may be found here. - I plan on making several pair for various charities as they take minimal time on a size 1 needle.)

Check them out against my vintage "Forget-Me-Not" Knitter's Computer ! There is something charming about 'low tech'! Comments, please!


Denise said...

Adorable socks! Baby feet are so cute, too -- chubby and short (grin). This looks like a great way to use up tiny balls of leftover yarn too small to make anything else with. Thanks for the link!!

Stasia said...

Oh my gosh, those are great! Love them! What a neat "computer" - wherever did you find that? I LOVE how your handpainted yarn works up!

Katie said...

Those are the cutest socks that I have ever seen. The are so small and I love the colors.