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Monday, March 20, 2006

HaPpY Spring!

OK ... so here in the Northeast, the temperatures hovered in the low 30's with the wind chill making those 30's feel a wee bit more like the TEENS. Yep - baby, it is *still* cold outside.

Look who was waiting on my doorstep this afternoon in the sunshine and wind??? Why, Dobbie, the tunis ram lamb!! Isn't he handsome??
Thanks a zillion Laurie!

Both the chilly temps and March Madness worked in my favor over the last few days! I was able to complete one hat for Dulaan - another is on the needles. The fair isle mittens were finished as well! They came out fine - but I hope, with practice, I will overcome the tension issues which plagued me. (Photo will come after blocking, but, suffice to say, I am having fun wearing them.)

I was also able to dye & card .... while wool may be my love, dogs are my passion. They go hand & hand as the former helps me to raise money and awareness for the later. Did you know black dogs are the least likely to be adopted?? They actually call it Black Dog Syndrome. Well, if you are looking for a forever friend .... who wouldn't love a Black Pearl? Comments, please!

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Life's a Stitch said...

That is so sad about the black dogs. I once saw a cute add someone posted, trying to find a new home for their dog: "Big ugly black dog. Loves everybody. Free." If I hadn't already had a black dog at the time he might have been mine,