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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Hmmm .... you all know that I am UP for a good charity.
Save the World! Save the Whales! Save the Wolves .... my list is long and worthy. I admit to being a little biased - most of my charities concern animals - all that just might have to change - ASAP!

Enter, Dr. Dave Patterson! A Scottish born, Harvard trained PHd - this cutie is not only running THE BOSTON MARATHON he is running to benefit Children's Hospital.

Now, ladies .... hold onto your yarn - Dr. Dave is auctioning himself off on eBay!! Got to love a lad who is smart, kind, athletic AND is up for taking the winning bidder out to dinner!!

If you weren't light headed before - drop the knitting needles now and slowly step aside. I can't let you faint with anything in your hands!! .... It is my civic duty to mention Dr. Dave is running said 26 mile marathon in a KILT! BID NOW - then pass those smelling salts! Comments, please!!


knitchy said...

Kary, what a great announcement! Thank you for passing the info. I wish I would be rich enough to offer myself such a date overseas... Men in kilt? Give us more of'em!

Melanie said...

LOVE Kilts! That's all I'll say about that. ;)