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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

My Creative journey didn't begin with spinning or knitting. It actually began with me being an "artist". I can remember being very young and coloring when a small peer/child asked me "Do you think you are an artist or something?" - the remark was due to the way I was using my crayons. Smart child .... how did she know at such an early age that I am an artist?? Hmmm ....

The tools that we use to create can either enhance or detract from the final piece. This runs the gammet from canvas to papers to wools - anything that we use to create art should offer diversity and uniqueness and quality to capture our own individual personalities. I have been doing quite a bit of knitting recently (remember the fair isle mittens?) - and it dawned on me .... knitters do not have the same access to the wonderful wools that spinners do!!

Knitters, weavers, crocheters get banded skeins with generic ancestry. Sure, one might find 'merino' or 'shetland' .... but what about clun forest or gotland or teeswater or cheviot or churro??

Realizing the deficit - I am creating Buck Naked Sheep Skeins!! Beautiful skeins that feature the glorious colorways of sheepies that nature intended. (Sorry for the shameless plug, but I am thinking knitters need to know this!)

What do you think?? Good idea?? Comments, please!


Pamela said...

It's a brilliant idea - especially if you're going to use Teeswater :)

Jan said...

OMG! Go for it! If you start an email list/newsletter, put me on it.

Jan Miraglio

Denise said...

I'm 100% with Pamela on the Teeswater! Yummy stuff. I think natural color wool is a refreshing change from the ever popular handpaints. Sheep come in so many lovely colors! I predict Buck Naked Sheep will be a hit. :)