The Knotty Sheep Shop

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Animals have became an incredible JOY for me. They brighten my heart and lift my soul.
They inspire me to work hard when I don't feel like it. They encourage me to 'do more' for both their kind and mine.

I can't ask any more from them - *with* them, I achieve bliss!

I will admit to being totally consumed, distressed and despondent over Barbaro. I offer daily prayers and good energies to better his 50/50 percent chance of survival. While I don't agree with the premise of racing animals for human enjoyment .... it isn't his fault that it was his destiny to run. Get well soon!

As for fibery content - the "Jack Frost" was started and frogged. I will attempt it again VERY soon. But, in the mean time .... I was feeling a little Batty!!
Comments, please!


April said...

One word. BEAUTIFUL!

YajB (WoolleyMomMyth) said...

I particularly like the hot pink batt with what looks like a wisp of silk.
The yellow/pink looks like it would spin up into a lively orange. It pleases me to think of them together in citrus fruit punch harmony.

The deeper pink batt on the right is elegant.

The lower batts - is that peach, yellow and a bit of soft green? The other one to the lower left of the pile reminds me of streaky pink and white carnations.