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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

It is official: I am on sabbatical!
It feels a wee bit strange knowing that I do not have to go work for a bit. It also feels lazy, decadent and SO inspiring.

I want to savor this time. I want to cultivate creativity and to spend more time on me. Sounds rich, doesn't it??

Tomorrow, I will mail out my 44 hats, 2 pair of mittens & 2 scarves for The Dulaan Project. I am delighted that this 8 pounds plus of stash has been transformed into items for those who truly need them. Wanna see the goodies?

I also will focus my knitting time on the Jack Frost! Pamela is way ahead of me. My 3" look like this:

Hmmm ... maybe if I knit ALL night ......?

But, I still am working diligently on dyEing & carding wool . I mean, who would want to take a sabbatical from fiber?
Comments, please!

1 comment:

Jane said...

Your hats & mittens look great! I'm just about set to start more hats & scarves for our K4 project.