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Friday, June 02, 2006

In these first few days of sabbatical - I am amazed at how much I have relaxed. There is a strange calmness about me. My muse is *tickled* - I can hear her giggling with anticipation!

One of my first steps into being more creative is to actually enjoy some of the things that inspire me. I love vintage embroidered tea towels/kitchen linens & vintage hankies. I have a modest collection tucked away. Tucked away?? Yes - you read that right. Why would inspirations be relegated to back closets & deep drawers?

Fear! It is that simple ... I am afraid to ruin them. But, this week - my muse has asked "What am I saving them for?" Most are in 'vintage' condition. Do I actually think my nieces & nephews would want used towels & hankies in this age of game boys & Ipods??


One set as made it's appearance on my kitchen counter!

They will be used with the same love & tenderness that went into their creation decades ago. Suffice to say, I won't be wiping up red wine spills with them AND I will hyperventilate a wee bit at first - but creatvity is a process.

Of course, since inspiration is vital ... these little churros arrived on my door step at a most opportune time! "Rinnie (left) & "Katherine" (right) are beautiful!! Thanks Barbara for some wonderful fleeces!

Comments, please!

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Deidre said...

I think you should display your tea towels, very nice. Looking forward to see the fleece spun. I am *attempting* to learn how to use the drop spindle, but I just want a wheel!