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Friday, June 09, 2006

The last few days on Spindler's List, there has been a 'thread' re: the amount artists charge for their work.

Being an artist who dabbles in a few different mediums as well as one who tries to earn a living using my creative talents - I found it interesting. I know that there is a happy balance between living "off" creativity & creatively living. It is a balance I hope to obtain.

I will not be bashing any corporation here today. Don't get me wrong - there are a good many who do need a public flogging. It is my humble opinion that each of us needs to look in the mirror before we start slinging mud onto the corporate logos of world. We *really* need to educate the consumer as to why our goods merit top billing on an over zealous, commercialized planet.

We need to set the example ... Do we buy others art? Do we complain about the prices others charge? Do we promote a colleague when able?? Do we shop BIG stores instead of smaller MoMs & PoPs in order to save a buck?

I think we all need to work together to make an artistic difference while walking less harshly upon the Earth. Maybe we should all challenge ourselves to Eat LocaL ... Maybe we should start carrying canvas, crocheted or knitted totes to the grocery instead of using those USELESS plastic bags that hold nothing ... Maybe we should compost as much as we can & grow our own vegetables ... even if it is one lonely tomato plant in a big ol' bucket ... Maybe we should seek out vendors who give back to the earth & humanity ... Maybe instead of spending our hard earned dollars on FAST food, we should spend it on ORGANIC food ... Maybe we should support all artists: community theaters, local musicians, ballet troupes, fiber artists, painters & potterers instead of the "Celebrity D'Jour" ... Maybe instead of worshipping "Celebrity Chefs" - we should start being thankful for the farmers who provide the bounty - they are artists too.

Sigh ... I digress - I didn't mean to get on the proverbial soap box.... Lord knows I could go on and on. My message: Inspire Art! Create Art! Buy Art! Be ART!! ... I leave you with one of my pastels - I hope it inspires you.

Comments, please!


Doll said...

Kary, Very well "spoken" (written). You have echoed thoughts that often go through my head. You have challenged us to look at how we live this wonderful life we are given. Brava!!
huggles, Doll

Christine said...

Your "rant" has true words of wisdom in them! I am so glad that you wrote this as too often we all get swept up in the mentality of the masses who have bought into the big box lies.

I live in a major agricultural area, but it's disappearing fast. What was a small dairy town is now turning into a bay area bedroom community. Large big box stores popping up everywhere. I think tomorrow I will go to the Mom and Pop store. They buy produce locally when they can, and some of the suppliers are small allotment farmers who suppliment their retirement with what comes out of the garden.