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Monday, June 26, 2006

Over the weekend - I read the most incredible book!! I laughed til I cried. It was *that* good.

First, let me state I am not a big reader. For me to finish a book within the ample time frame set forth by the local library - it is torture. I get distracted - after all, why read when I could be spinning or knitting??

Well, suffice to say, I love dogs and I just had to read Marley & Me by John Grogan. I guarantee, you will love it too.

I also had a brain storm over the weekend ... for those of you who know what "Filene's Basement" was to retail ... my latest addition to The Knotty Sheep,
FIBERleen's Basement
will be to the Fiber world! Ok ... maybe that is a wee bit of an overstatement - but, "FIBERleen's Basement" is where I plan to offer fibers & yarns at at least a 25% discount off the original retail! They are first quality fibers that are just sitting unloved and just want to go to a good home!!
Who doesn't love a sale??

Also this weekend - I indulged in my most favorite lunch. Delicious artsian cheeses, a fresh baguette and a glass (or 2) of a mellow pinot noir.

YuMMy!! I spoiled myself rotten these last few days ... a wonderful dog book and a decadent lunch. Any wonder why I had the new business revelation?? My creative juices are flowing now - hope yours are too!!
Buy ART - comments, please!


Teresa said...

Oh, I LOVED that book. I laughed and cried. You know he has a blog! It's in my blogroll Marley and Me...I'm too lazy to go back and get the link (bleh), but it's there anyway :-)

Knittiana said...

Sorry, but I could not help but notice the beautiful table cloth... Beautiful indeed. (Lunch looks good to by the way!) All in all a very nice site. Good job!