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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

I received some wonderful comments/emails re: my last post. Thank you! I was a tad fearFULL to put my rant into a public forum - but, why not?? Lucky for me - the messages I received were filled with positive thoughts and reflections!

One person, who wrote me privately, (wave!!) stated: " You have challenged us to look at how we live this wonderful life we are given. " I love this!! Thank you and ALL of those who took the time to make my day. THIS is the kind of stuff that makes life grand!

On a creative note ... I have been thinking crewel work of late. Don't ask - I am just going with the flow of things. I stumbled upon Kristen's BloG a little while ago. I was mezmerized by her artwork - I had to run out and get her book!!

The colors and whimsy of her designs are fantastic! Hmmm .... it got me so excited that I had to run out and buy 6 yards of muslin. It is all washed and dried in the sunshine - just waiting for me to play with it! What will I do?? Well - do stay tuned!

Remember ... today is a GREAT day to support an artist!
Comments, please!

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Pamela said...

I used to do a lot of crewel work, though it's been some years since I picked up my needle. I love the old Jacobean textiles. Also, there was so much crewel work around when I was a child (in the early 70s) so it brings back a lot of memories for me.