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Monday, November 13, 2006

How is your Christmas Shopping going?

While I am a wee bit behind this year, I *did* manage to order my postage stamps for those ever important Christmas cards. I know - some shutter at the mere thought of writing & addressing ... but - Christmas is such a special time of year that I feel it deserves all the attention we can give it! True Celebrations are few & far between. Personally, I like to celebrate small stuff ... but CHRISTMAS? Geez Louise ... It comes but once a year ... It is the only time of year *I* can act like a kid and look normal!

But back to the stamps ... special times deserve special touches. I ordered my stamps from Zazzle! What a great way to support the Humane Society, spread the word about homeless animals - and these stamps are "cheek pinchin'" cute too!

I have been asked about the fair isle mittens I completed last week - I ordered them as a kit from Nordic Fiber Arts. They are the Frostrosen kit in coloways #4686, fuchsia & #424, tomato red. Thanks for asking!

This past weekend - I completed a beaded mitten out of Dale of Norway "Hauk". Love the yarn ... it is really neat as it is made with 'teflon'. Should have some interesting water repellancy!

Remember .... Inspire Art! Create Art! Buy Art! Be ART!! Comments, please!


Liz M. said...

Love your work! I'll be visiting you much! Lot's of great knitting stuff! I love your handpainted Joy! I'm on my second flyer on my Joy! I also spin and hand-dye yarn! We'll swap dyeing stories sometime :) Happy spinning....

Stasia said...

Oh, the beaded mittens are delightful!