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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Another Valentine's Day has come & gone. Truth be told - I am not really 'into' it.

While the notion of romance is in the air - most of us see 'that' almost as much as we see a chubby cherub flying around shooting arrows thru the hearts of the unsuspecting. Even after a few cocktails - I have yet to see a winged baby with dangerous weapons!

Don't get me wrong - I am a romantic. I drool over hearts & lace. I get happily excited in seeing red & pink - everywhere! I love the nostalgia of long ago school-time Valentine's that were passed out amongst classmates. Tell me truthfully - didn't you always give the best card to the guy who made your heart flutter?

Ah romance .... !

Yesterday - I was happily surprised that DH actually celebrated the day! I love French music ... the accordians & robust lyrics! The tunes are filled with such passion that it is hard not to imagine yourself sipping wine at a sidewalk cafe! While some may scoff at the minimalistic nature of receiving a French music CD on Diamond studded-Rose scented holiday .... I say "Turn up the volume and pour another glass of wine ... it is time to dance with Cupid!" Thanks DH - you still make my heart flutter!
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Doll Creelman-Migliaccio said...

Wonderful Kary! I work in a French Crepe Restaurant where this kind of Cafe music is playing most of the time. I absolutely love it and yes, I find it very appropriate to the day!

KnitNana said...

Well, if you don't mind, have your DH contact my MFMPPF (if he's still around) and let him know that's the sort of thing that makes MY heart flutter, too?
With eldercare responsibilities, and moving, and jobs, and businesses, and knitting for others and ourselves, and grandkids and children, and all the other responsibilities we have at this age, it's hard to even *think* romance, huh?

I think your DH is "right on" (and KarY - I LOVE that music too...But then, I intended to spend my senior year in college studying at the Sorbonne...didn't happen, but I still love Paris!