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Saturday, February 24, 2007

I am the perfect homebody!

It doesn't take to much to keep me happy or entertained. I love staying by the woodstove - all cozy and warm. I delight with napping dogs at my feet and a glass of wine by my side. Now is a good time to tell you - I don't even have cable.

Winter is good for quiet relaxation & serious contemplation.

It is the perfect time for a little soul searching. As I sit and wait for some mind blowing revelation or lightbulb moment to ignite my brain waves - I have been doing a wee bit of dyEing & carding!

"Lovers in the Garden" is a totally artsy colorway! Those color bits just scream fun, don't they?

What about"It's Cocktail Hour Somewhere" - sassy colors are tres eye catching!

And last but not least - "Cheyenne" - who goesn't love the colors of sunset?

Ah winter .... did I mention it is the perfect season for wool (and a perfect time to cyber-shop?) :)
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Christine said...

One of these days, don't be surprised if you find several of us spinners on your doorstep begging you to let us come in and play! You are a temptress Kary with all those yummy fibers!

Kathleen said...

I love the "Lovers in the Garden" colorway! And of course, "Cheyenne"...looks like the Cheyenne I know and love and where I have a house and where my daughter lives and...well, you get the idea. Looks like FUN to spin!