The Knotty Sheep Shop

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

I have some good news to share: The Knotty Sheep thus far, has raised over $70 to be donated to GREYhound Friends! YiPpEE and thank EWE!

I know that it isn't a million bucks, it isn't even in the triple digits .... (yet!) - but I am tickled all the same. All dogs are my passion and rescue dogs have a special place in my heart.

If you are looking for a dog-friend, please check out your local shelters and rescue organizations. If you find yourself in Cape Cod and want so make someone's heart soar ... check out Blackie - he could really use a good, loving, forever home!

Please pass the word - with all the knitters & spinners out there - Blackie should be finding his forever home soon ... thanks and "Woof"!


Christine said...

I think you are really special Kary, for all you do for the world at large (people and animals). And as a customer (not just as a friend!), I'm really happy to know that part of any purchase I make goes to a really good cause. That's one of my things this year, to make purchases that make a difference in some way!

Kathleen said...

I was going to comment earlier, but got side-tracked in a Basset hound search...such lovely eyes they have! Surprizingly, there is no real wool to be found here on the west coast of Peru. I may be haunting your fiber store shortly.

Diana said...

Thanks Kary for what you are doing for Greyhounds. As you know I love my new greyhound, Nellie. I hope one day you'll have a new greyhound friend in your home!