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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

A Monday Snow

Part of the reason I love wool so much is that I get to wear quite a bit of it, here in New England.

From sox, to mittens, to scarves, to sweaters, to hats .... I pretty much have something woolen on daily - summer is the only exception.

Take for example a woolen sweater. Over the weekend, the sun was shining and the outside temps scooted over the freezing mark. I was happy that I was able to hang my laundry (both Saturday & Sunday) on the line. Said wool sweater was the perfect item to don while running in & out of the house whilst rearranging the clothes in the hopeful attempts that they would dry completely. I lost that battle - but, the clothes stayed out there long enough to get that wonderful fresh air scent into each & every thread!

My story fast forwards to Monday (yesterday) where a winter storm left us 'Ooooing & AHing' over the beauty and magnitude of the snow. Yep - I am lucky to have woolies. But, much to my chagrin, no laundry hanging for a bit. Here is my clothesline:

And my apple tree:

And the corner of my garden fence:

And my blueberry bushes & lilacs:

Did I mention DH & I shoveled the driveway?? Thank goodness for wool sox & LL Bean boots. I hear we might get another storm Thursday or Friday .... C'est la vie ... at least I have wool!


Attack of the Vintage said...

Kary, Wonderful snow pictures. Yes, I agree it will be awhile before you can hang laundry up again.

joonbeam said...

Beautiful photos! It sure is a lovely snow. Have I told you all the nameof my novel is 'Snowflake NH' ? I am a snowflake lover! Thanks for the fix. ox joon

Denise in Kent, WA said...

Beautiful! I love snow, but not having to commute in it. Maybe once I retire I will move back to Snow Country. For now, though, I am happy with our PNW rain! LOL

Stasia said...

Holey Moley, Miss Kary, that is a LOT of snow! Love how it's sticking to the laundry line!

Dove Knits said...

How very, very beautiful.

KnitNana said...

I wish we'd get a bit of white stuff!