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Friday, January 25, 2008

Sometimes ....

Sometimes, the last thing I want to do, during the course of my day, is to work on my business, The Knotty Sheep.

While I love doing what I do ... it is the constant self promotion, carding, dyEing, photographing the wool etc, that gets me nutty. Compound that with 101 thousand other fiber artists also selling what I do ... well, I think you get the picture: frustration.

Just when I think I can't do it anymore ... just when I don't want to do it anymore - I realize, I must! I donate 5% of my sales to PittieLove Rescue.

I digress for a moment, my friend Stasia is one of my heroes. The interesting thing about that concept is ... I really don't do the 'hero-worship/groupie' thing. It is because I know her, and her generous heart, that makes me admit that she is a hero of mine.

You must read her BloG to understand the story of her "Boris"!

I love Boris ... and Val ... and Emma ... and Molly! She has rescued them all.

But, I can't continue without letting you know that so many others also do this kind of thing. They save animals. Artist Bernie Berlin is another. Her 'shelter' is called "A Place to Bark' and right now - she in the running to reap beaucoup dollars - which she desperately needs! If you can spare at least $10, right this very minute! - please do!

More information is found at her BloG, it isn't about the amount of money collected - it is about the amount of donors who donate!

Unfortunately, there seems like there will always be homeless dogs & other animals. Why?? I can not say as I would rather lose my fiber & spinning wheels than my dog, Diesel!!

Thank you Stas for being my Light & inspiration! Thank you Bernie, for being the same! You inspire to keep "The Knotty Sheep" going as it is my way to providing shelter & love to all the pitbulls that I can not adopt at the moment.

So .... if you happen to have that extra $10 I was talking about - please leave it here ... I thank you and so does every homeless dog out there :

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