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Saturday, January 19, 2008

The Right Stuff

The knitting content is minimal. I am still working on the Bea Ellis Dog Hat for Macuwita sni. It is coming along nicely - although, since I am climbing the Stash Mountain, I didn't find any cotton yarn to line this baby. Not one to give up ... I created a small K1 P1 rib. Suffice to say that said ribbing likes to 'fold up' on me while I am knitting. Again, not one to give up (but one that gets quite agitated) - I sewed the 2 sides of the hat together until it is finished and blocked. AH ... no more 'folding up'!

I like to knit for charity as faithful readers of this BloG are well aware. It seems an easy answer to the on going question of "How to make the World a better place."

The question is easily answered if we don't try to change the world all at once, in its entirety. If baby steps are allowed to band together - they will make a parade.

The company to which my husband is employed recently signed up with . It seems only natural to help those who put their fannies on the line for us while our fannies sit on cushy pillows (At least mine does!) A bag of personal care items is ready for my husband to drop off next week. One shouldn't have to take tampons for granted and the soldiers that we will be assisting (the ratio is 55 males/1 woman) have lost their PX. Sigh ....

Moving on ........

I firmly believe that there is a special place for those who abandon animals at the side of the road, upon their Judgement Day. This place, in my opinion, will be HOT HOT HOT. Again, baby steps are needed and thankfully, there are those kind individuals who take these abandoned creatures in .... feed them, water them, get them proper medical care and love them. There is a VERY special place for those who do this job too ... I am thinking weather conditions in this special place will be quite favorable - with a glass of wine on each cloud! (You know who you are ... and YOU are my hero!)

I could list many more ways to make the world better ... I don't think it is as hard as we all make it. I am taking my baby steps .... want to join my parade?

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