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Friday, April 04, 2008

The Beat Goes on ....

I have been really busy. If you know me at all ... you know I am not good at being busy. I kind of roll on thru life - with coffee or wine in one hand and fiber and a dog in my other. In being busy - I find my hands are holding other things - things that I am not used to holding for any duration - I am trying to hold on to everything at the moment. Sometimes it works - sometimes, not so well.

One thing I made time for today is *Oprah*. I hadn't viewed her TV show in quite sometime. (See above paragraph.)~ ~ But today was a must see ... it was about
puppy mills.
Suffice to say, NEVER purchase a pet thru a pet store ... check out your local shelters and pure bred rescues. NO dog ... NO LIVING THING should ever, ever live in conditions such as those found in puppy mills.

On a brighter, fibery note ..... Barnyard Chicks anyone?? WhEEEEE!

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