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Monday, April 14, 2008

Of Patti Larkin & Earth Day

This weekend, DH & I were lucky enough to see Patty Larkin in concert with friends who are FUN! A picnic was packed into a wicker basket - libations were stored in a cooler ... and we were treated to great music with terrific company.

I have been SO busy that I haven't taken to much time to relax. Saturday night reminded me that inspirations happen all the time - that sometimes we need to forgo the mundane and break free from the chains that sterilize our minds. The creative process doesn't lend itself to crabby people & daily chores that become robotic. The MUSE needs sparks ... it needs laughter .... it needs beautiful music ... it needs FUN (and a good guitar rift with a respectable sauvignon blanc doesn't hurt either!)

The organic nature of Patty's music reminded me that Earth Day is right around the corner. I decided to be inspired .... here is my interpretation of Earth Day 2008!

I hope you celebrate the Earth - everyday!

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Pamela said...

Perfect - all luscious earthy greens.