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Monday, April 07, 2008

A Sweater for Macuwita sni

I recently selected a Yankee Knitter Design pattern for my next Macuwita sni project.

It will be a fine looking sweater when completed... the pattern is called "English Rib". Yep - rib, as in ribbed, as in RIBBING. I don't know why I chose this ... I have to ask myself, "what was I thinking, a whole sweater in ribbing?" But, I digress ....

I console myself knowing that it will keep someone warm - the Cheyenne River Sioux saw temperatures in double digit negative numbers this past winter - who am I to complain of a little K1 P1? So, here is a photo of the 'almost completed back'. I post it here so I will complete it post haste ...... Wish me luck!


thewildhare said...

Kary, what a wonderful project! In May, when I am between crafting classes, I think I will whip up some hats for Macuwita sni. Absolutely fantastic. And, as always, your work is wonderful.

Sixsisters said...

Knotty you are an inspiration. Lovely sweater. It will keep someone very warm.bapvsitm