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Thursday, August 24, 2006

Don't you just love it when a plan comes together? (She says - giddy with excitement!)

My Diamond Fantasy Shawl is finis! My problem yesterday was the fact that I have this complusive need to interpret patterns so their difficulty level increases by 10. If I slow down, BREATHE, and realize most designers/pattern writers are not out to put me in the looney-bin - the pattern works!

I thought this pattern to be fun, not difficult, and well written. It took me less than 2 weeks to complete ... got to love that! (Now, I just need to find a huge blocking board as 'the bed thing' is getting old ... suggestions?)

I am already off & knitting on the lacey Maple Leaves Scarf with some lace weight yarn I dyEd. Christmas will be here before we know it! Remember .... Inspire Art! Create Art! Buy Art! Be ART!! ... Comments, please!


Jane said...

It's beautiful, Kary! I have blocking problems too - the only beds in the house are a twin with a regular mattress and a queen sized *WATER BED*.. I don't want to be sticking pins in the latter {g}..

KnitNana said...

Just lovely, Kary! I hope I'll finish my DFS one of these days! I use my queen-sized bed, but really need a King (in more ways that one lololol!)

Pamela said...

Kary, it's fabulous. You did a great job and amazingly fast too :)

Can't help with the blocking, I'm afraid. I use my double bed, but it's not usually quite big enough for shawls.

Melanie said...

Beautiful Kary! I will now have to start designing with the sole intent to put you in the loony bin though. Must be the exception to the rule! Bwah ha ha!

Dove Knits said...