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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Is anyone else excited about the upcoming season change?

Am I wasting my life away wanting the briskness of chilly nights and invigorating mornings? While I yearn to see the endless array of colorful fall folliage - I think to myself: "Why do I hibernate MORE in summer than I do in winter??"

I have come to terms with the fact that my creativity, my energy and my personality virtually melt in the heat. I am looking forward to reconnecting with myself - with each earlier sunrise and cooler sunset - I feel the old *me* coming back.

I have been contemplating that working with fiber just isn't the same in 'high heat'. My heart breaks for those who live in warm climates year round - those areas where the warmth of wool, alpaca and quivit is just 'to hot to handle'.

But, I digress ... if one doesn't have clothes, food or a home - do temperatures really matter?

While the click of knitting needles and the 'whor' of the spinning wheel can be heard across the globe - I ask you to remember to set some time aside to knit or spin for your favorite charity. Warm woolies for the homeless! Preemie caps for your favorite hospital! Chemo hats for those who have lost or are losing their hair! There is also the possibility of knitting a delicate, LACE shawl or fair isle sweater for a favorite charity to "RAFFLE/AUCTION off"! How cool is that??

But, I digress (once again) ... how does one help when there is so much "ICK" going on in the world?? Does one sweater, one cap, one pair of socks truly make for a more peaceFULL world?? The answer is YES! ... and if you are into trying new recipies ... do try " the recipie for PEACE!

Yes - dear friends, the possibility to serve is endless and invigorating - just like the upcoming season in New England.
Remember .... Inspire Art! Create Art! Buy Art! Be ART!! ... Comments, please!

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