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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Don't you love it when a plan comes together?? This bodes true, especially in knitting!

It is such a tremendous sense of accomplishment when one starts a pattern - and completes it post haste. I love that feeling! A coveted finished object is something to be admired and shared.

Alas ... the completion of the Diamond Fantasy Shawl will have to wait at least one more day. I chugged and chugged until 11 pm last night in the hopes of completion. It was not meant to be.

The left point has me a wee bit baffled ... if anyone can throw a 'tip' my way - it would be most appreciated. I mean, we are talking 11 stitches here!

This week has also given way to the fact that while most are thinking in terms of 'Back to School' ... I am thinking in terms of "Christmas is 4 months away." Time for some serious knitting!!

In the photo is one of my project boxes. Patterns with assigned yarns all ready to be knit! I am thinking this year, I might just do some knitting without the recipients in mind. (Selfish?... maybe!) Into a (nice) basket they will go - and the recipients can choose what they desire. (One per person, please.) Sound good? Of course, the twist here is ... I must complete the objects first! Remember .... Inspire Art! Create Art! Buy Art! Be ART!! ... Comments, please!

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Denise said...

I like the gift basket idea! If I was able to be with my family in person at Christmas I would do that, too. This way people get to choose what best suits them, rather than what you think (hope) they will like. Go for it, Ms. Elf!