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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The English Rib is DONE!

For such an easy sweater - this baby has taken me months. TWO months almost to the day.
I got bored ... and I will admit that once that happened, I became lazy too. Unfortunately, I am not the type that can have several projects OTNs at the same time. Little by little, row by row - the English Rib is now completed!

So, here I sit as 'proud mama' of this sweater which will be sent off to South Dakota for Macuwita sni. It most likely will fit a 6 year old child, please, take a peek:

As there is no rest for the weary - a pair of Herringbone Mittens has also been started for Macuwita sni's "Mitten Quest 2008-2009". Since this photo was taken, I am only 15 rows shy of completing the first mitten. Got to love small projects!! WhEEEE!

What are you creating??


Denise in Kent, WA said...

Hooray for finishing the English Rib!!! It's beautiful, and the "model" is adorable. :)

Maybe when my gansey is finished I can make a pair of herringbone mittens. Yours is looking wonderful so far!

Kathleen said...

The English Rib look wonderfully warm! Pretty color, too! Congratulations on completing it!

KnitNana said...

Lovely sweater and cool mitts! (And the model is adorable!!!

I'm making lace and socks - so what else is new? *wink*