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Friday, May 16, 2008

Tired - but still going

It never ceases to amaze me that just when you are *this close* to throwing your hands up in the air and screaming "No more!" - you dig a little deeper into your soul and find that you had what it takes all along.

That is what is so cool about each & every day - it is all about choices. To love - or not. To be patient - or not. To have Faith - or not. To grow - or not.

It seems that everyone is moving a mile a minute. Not good. Not good for the health of each of us nor is it good for the Planet.
Each minute is valuable - this I know. But, it is how we spend those minutes that really count.

There are times when I don't want to spin, or dye or card wool. What keeps me going are dogs. All dogs / every dog that is still in search of their forever homes. Shelter dogs, in particular, have my heart - they always will. My motivation is that just when I feel like throwing my hands up in the air - I think of all those pups who haven't know love. They deserve good homes - it has become my mission to help them.

There are also times when I don't want to knit. What keeps me going here is those that are cold. Those that may not have access to a warm jacket or a home. Those that live without hats, or scarves or mittens - it doesn't seem right that my stash might just actually outfit a small town. So I knit to share - I knit to let someone I don't know - know that someone cares for them. I want them to be warm - both inside & out.

Check out my first completed, unblocked, Herringbone Mitten!

I am making them out of Baghdad Blue & Chickie Masla Peace Fleece. Pretty, yes?? They will be part of Macuwita sni's Mitten Quest.

My wish for you today is to find what motivates you. Find what makes your heart GLOW and just when you feel like throwing your hands UP in the air - do so!!
And clap to the Heavens knowing that you have the will & motivation to carry on!

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