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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Wool - 24/7

Last night I couldn't decide between spinning & knitting. I wanted something easy - and new fleeces had arrived, fresh from the processor. I thought I might just take a turn at both - but opted to cast on a simple watch cap for Macuwita sni. I seem to have a growing stash of left over yarn balls ... this cap will be made from the same yarn as the English Rib combined with handspun singles. (Photo provided as soon as it is completed.)

Sometimes it is a difficult choice to decide between spinning & knitting - I can't be the only 'out there' who feels that way either .... so ....

Did you happen to see my skein entitled Sunset Sailor? I donated this handspun wonder to Etsy for Animals! I love the colors flowing thorough this yarn .... don't you?

OR - maybe you noticed Just Blushed. These spinnable batts are the palest of pinks! Totally girlie & wonderful. Don't they just make you want to spin - like right NOW?

Ah - choices! Sometimes it is just to much fun NOT to choose and to play with everything that we want to play with! WhEEEEEE!
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Alpaca Granny said...

Spinning vs Knitting - My stations are right next to each other and I go back and forth. When my body starts feeling weary in one chair, I move to the other.