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Thursday, May 22, 2008

The Killing of Pits

I tend not to make my BloG a diatribe about politics, religion or other fun things that cause people to run for cover. There is enough of that on the local news and discussions abound at water coolers during business hours and at local 'watering holes' after hours. Besides ... I haven't met to many individuals interested in my opinions on 'hot topic' issues.

But, today, I digress. I don't live in Ohio and due to impending legislation - I am glad that I don't. Ohio Representative Tyrone Yates has amended House Bill 568 , which, if passed, will prohibit the ownership of pit bulls in the State of Ohio. Ok - without mincing words here, not only will pitbulls be banned, but ALL pitbulls and those deemed 'pitbull mixes' will be euthanized. That is right - Killed. Murdered. It doesn't matter that these family dogs have done nothing - have NOT bitten or maimed or mauled ... OK - they *may* have licked someone or snuggled up to their children - but - Mr. Yates has decided that the good citizens of Ohio and AMERICANS at large - can not choose their pets.
(A copy of said amendment will be found HERE - please scroll down to the bottom to see the latest rewording - it is listed as section 955.111!)

Dangerous dogs are products of dangerous owners. Maybe Mr. Yates should use the criminal justice system to prosecute the owners instead of murdering dogs who have done nothing - except to wear the clothes of a breed he dislikes.

I recently sent Pittie Love Rescue the donation from The Knotty Sheep. I received a beautiful thank you - with an adorable little girl in between her two good friends. What do you think Mr. Yates?? How would you explain your legislation to her? How would you explain killing her friends?

I humbly ask you to write/call/email:

John Husted, Speaker of the House
77 S. High St
14th Floor
Columbus, OH 43215-6111
Telephone: (614) 644-6008
Fax : (614) 719-3591
Email Address:

This type of legislation smacks of everything we, in the US, don't stand for - but we do stand UP to!! Mr. Yates ... punish the deed NOT the breed.


beautifulwolf said...

All this BSL in the US and Canada is terrifying for me. I own dogs, have a toddler daughter, and one of our dogs, happens to be a wonderful Pibble, who adores our child!

One of my Cardigan Welsh Corgis, is often mistaken as a Pit Bull mix. Not kidding!

Pittys were originally bred as all-around farm, and family dogs. They are still, to this day one of the best family breeds. I can't imagine a world with out the blockhead, bully brains!

Aileen Fairycat said...

Thank you for the leaving contact information, I sent an email. I think these laws are just terrible!

I have dealt with many pits and mixes and they have all been wonderful! This is a terrible thing to do to a breed it was done to the Shepard in the 70's, Doberman and Rottwelier in the 80's and 90's and now with our new crazy law society we are doing it to the new "Killer" breed, but taking it a step further. Its not the breed but the people.

Don't punish faces like Tara who did nothing wrong except look like a Pit. Its just wrong!

Nannette said...

Thanks Kary for alerting us! I'll dash off a letter to the Senator as soon as I'm done commenting.

LOVE the pittie picture .. that one has a smile from ear to ear! LOL

Kathleen said...

Denver did this several years back, making pit bull ownership in the city illegal. This prompted police to snatch family pets from fenced yards and kill anything that remotely resembled a pit bull or was reported to be a pitbull, even though it didn't resemble one in the slightest. Boxers, pugs, and English bull dogs were the hardest hit, but literally ANY dog could be subject to destruction because pit bull mixes were included in this legislation.