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Friday, May 02, 2008

A FABulous Day for Pit bulls!

Faitful readers of this BloG know how much I love dogs!

Seriously, my life would not be as JOYful if these 'in the moment' creatures suddenly vanished. I LOVE all dogs! And while it has been 8 months since my senior girl passed - my rottie x, Diesel, still remains an only dog child. There is no replacing my Motu - and I think Diesel is just fine with that.

Over the last several years - I have donated a portion of my sales to different animal organizations. Not only do I feel compelled to give something back - it is totally good Karma!! It does a body good to get (as I like to describe it) ... "One's head out of one's bum." Yep - think of the visual & you will know what I mean!

Why is this a FABulous Day for Pit bulls? The Knotty Sheep has just surpassed the $100 donation mark!! I am tickled - tickled - tickled!! So - to the folks at
Pittie Love Rescue a check will be coming your way this week!

Thank EWE all SO much .... now, being the goal oriented person that I am - I am seeing the next $100 coming VERY soon ..... Be ShoppiEE!!

1 comment:

Kathleen said...

I didn't realize it had been that long since Motu passed away.

In a different direction completely, I've been dong a lot of looking at "Hold You in My Dreams" lately. Hmmm.