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Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Time to get BAAck on Track!

I find it curious the way things come & go. The way that some things are important and then, in a blink of an eye ... other things take their place. Or feelings for that matter. We can have deep feelings for something and then decide it didn't mean anything.

These past couple of months have been interesting. Things & feelings have come and gone. A major surgical procedure was done, and thankfully, I am no worse for wear ... better actually! And now, my family is slowly transitioning to a new state.

The latter has been a lengthy process - but a total learning one! Just recently, the dirt & mud has been scraped off my creative soul... and I am coming back! I have both painted & spun this week. Seriously, could I ask for more?? O yes!! I am blogging once again!

So ... this fabulous wool & sea cell was just finally plied and it is now finis!

Of course, I don't have that photo ... that would make things much to easy!!

But ... off to pack a little more. Things are really good!

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