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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Good Night, Irene

Any natural disaster is scary. I have been fortunate, I have never honestly been front & center to witness one. Hurricanes, fires, tornadoes, floods & tsunamis ... I have seen the devastation by way of TV & those images hit the both the heart & the head.

This past weekend, my husband & I (with our animals) were asked to leave the property we have just renovated. The renovation has been years in the making - and it was hard to leave it behind. We were fortunate - we had some where else to go. We were *really* fortunate in that nothing happened.

Prayers go out to those who lost loved ones & lost property. Natural disasters are scary stuff but at least with hurricanes, there is a prolonged warning. I packed a crate of treasures: my cremated pups, Motu & Diesel; my father's Bronze Star; a vase & a sculpture from my mom; a book from my childhood and my yarns.

If you are a weather stalker (yes, I am becoming one!) ... a most excellent resource is StormPulse.

I am hoping that this family weathered the storm too ...

Thank goodness for knitting, cell phones, good friends ... and wine! This is one weekend that I hope doesn't repeat itself anytime soon.

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permanent magenta said...

So glad you are okay and there is no damage. We were lucky too.