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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

You Have Mail

Since child hood ... I have always loved mail. Growing up, I had an assortment of penpals ... I still do - waves go out to England & France! Nothing like pretty envelopes & cards in the mailbox - complete with beautiful stamps! Given the state of the US Postal Service - I am on a one woman mission to keep them in business!

One of my latest fascinations is Postcrossing. I am receiving & sending postcards from all over the world! To date, I have sent to Russia, Germany, Poland & the US. I have received lovelies from US, Taiwan, Germany & Canada. Seriously, who doesn't like to receive something other than bills in their mailbox?

I think that this is a perfect school or scouting project. What a neat way to learn about different places!! My latest received:

I have never been to Alaska .... but, I am sure glad this person is trying to keep the US Postal Service up & running too!


permanent magenta said...

Cool! This looks like fun, true, who doesn't love mail? and international mail is even better, I often hanker to order things on etsy from exotic locations just for the nifty postage. this would be cheaper.

Anonymous said...

What an exciting thing to do! Snail mail is such a lost art anymore. I have one pen pal that I have been writing to for about a year. I so look forward to her letters.