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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

I love to dye & card wool. I will admit that I usually don't participate in these endeavors as much in the summer as I do when the temperatures fall. There is just something about standing over a hot stove "cooking" wool soup that is unappealing.

Carding can be just as unsavory. I mean, standing and twirling wool around a drum carder is just 'eeewww' when it is hot.

Well, I have been fortunate these last 2 weeks - the temps have been hovering in the 80's. It makes life around wool a wee bit more bearable!

My wool soup:

Turned into:Sawyer

I am *really* looking forward to FALL!
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kathleen said...

Sawyer is beautiful! So was the wool soup :o)

Diana said...

Sawyer looks like a sweet treat you'd get at the fair!!!!