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Friday, August 24, 2007

It looks like the Hanging Garden Shawl just might be completed this weekend. I am so excited. After being on Ravelry for just a few short weeks - there are tons and tons of things I wish to create .... Much to the chagrin of my spinning wheels.

While conversing with Talullah Chris - I finally realized I hadn't spun anything in about a month. That is a long time for me. So, I found a few lonely
Kitchen Sinks
in the studio & I took them for spin. There weren't that many ... but, I did have enough to produce some modest singles. Both bobbins are resting now - they will be plied very soon.

Creating is about balance. I have heard some people allow themselves 'knitting days' & 'spinning days' - but, I am not one to slot myself into a time schedule of sorts. I create on a whim ... and sometimes I have 15 minutes to complete a couple of rows of my project d'jour. Sometimes, it makes more sense to sit and enjoy the rhythm of the wheel. Yep - balance.

Suffice to say - take a peek at a bobbin of singles from 'Eunice', a finn x sheepie!
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Pamela said...

That is a gorgeous colour - bold, yet somehow restful. You spin the best yarn.