The Knotty Sheep Shop

Monday, August 20, 2007

Over the course of the next day or two - if you could toss some good vibes into The Big UNI for my Motu - I (we) would be most grateful!

Faithful readers know that Motu is in her Golden Years. She has a few age related bugga-boos that she takes on like the true Champion that she is. Now - a sore has developed on her leg that just won't heal. Scrappings were done today ... and we are all keeping our collective paws & toes crossed.

Well - since bad news dwindles in it's intensity when there is something 'fun to do' ... suffice to say .... "Methinks I am Going Batty!"" Join me??


Melanie said...

Dear Motu, You should try licking a cat - that will make you feel better soon.

Wags, Finn

PS - watch the claws and teeth - they're sharp.

Diana said...

She's so very sweet. I do hope she's better soon!!

Jane said...

Boomer & Callie both send get well wishes.. {{{HUGS}}}