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Saturday, May 10, 2003

A HaPpY MOM's Day to all who are mother's of children, animals or care takers of the Earth! Celebrating MoMs is a great idea - but one that I wished was recognized more than once a year. The word 'recognized' isn't right ... appreciated / respected seems to fit better. I both appreciate & respect my MoM. She sacrificed daily so that my SIS & I could have what we needed. That doesn't mean NEW clothes & NEW toys - we were without at times - but we were by no means poor. Instead of 'stuff' - we had a MoM who would play with us & take us sledding. Who made us learn to knit and taught us about our Lithuanian heritage. Who taught us right from wrong; encouraged as often as possible and disciplined when needed. She was MoM after all - and did not buy into the "parents are friends" theory. I am really glad about that too - you can have a ton of acquaintences and a handful of really GOOD friends - but you can only have one MoM!! I wish everyone had a MoM like mine. So - Thanks MoM!! AND have a HaPpY Day!! TAG ME ... you are it!

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