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Wednesday, May 07, 2003

STRESS!!! For some reason, we (humans) have seem to accepted stress as a way of life. It has become both a 'reason' & an 'excuse'. We are 'stressed out'. As if living on the edge wasn't enough - we eat & drink to much so as to compensate for our stress-FILLED lives. We 'buy' way to much in order to satisfy some hunger deep within us - and then complain when we don't have room on our credit cards or room in our 'rooms' to move. I am just as guilty as the next. This week, I have been overly stressed. But - today, I have decided to deal with it. I have thrown my hands up in the air - yelled "I give up"!! and I have asked GOD to guide me. I think that HE is the opposite of stress and the 'darker side' has perpetuated stress so we over indulge, hate our neighbor, become selfish and wade thru a quamire of *%^& (also known as life). But - life is what we choose to make it. There will always be things that are out of our control: weather for one. But - do we really need to eat 4 cheeseburgers? Do we really need to drink a whole gallon of wine then think we can drive?? Do we have to spend so much time involved within ourselves - that we forget about a neighbor -and yet complain when that neighbor's child does something foolish? Today - hug a friend! Send a loved one a note or make a phone call!! Give your animal buddy an extra scratch behind the ears!! Donate to a favorite charity!! Leave 10 minutes early for work or an appointment!! Bring a hand picked flower to an elder-friend!! Instead of eating those 4 cheeseburgers - eat 2 and donate the $$ to the person standing behind you. BE STRESS-FREE!! I think your heart, health and happiness depend on it! TAG ME .... you are it!

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