The Knotty Sheep Shop

Friday, May 16, 2003

I SOLD my first original pastel today!! What a day! It is such a honor to have someone appreciate the way you interpret life. Whether it is a drawing of a spindle or a bowl of vegetables - everyone sees things differently. Our interpretations are personal. Our emotions are permanently etched into the item whether we try to extinguish them or not. That is why I have always loved handmade things. A little bit of the artist's soul is placed into each piece. The energy pulsates off the paper, the pottery, the tapestry - whatever medium is used - and enters into the personal space of the one chosen to be its NEW caretaker. This energy transcends time & place. To the new owner of "Radish Trio" - I am honored to have a corner of your kitchen wall!! TAG ME ... you are it!!

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