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Sunday, May 25, 2003

I was in a BloGger reading frenzy this weekend. I would read one - then 'link-off" onto another. Perusing all the different BloGs makes me realize how dull mine is! I know I am not HTML literate. My pictures are hosted at a 'free web-hosting' site - so I can not add many at a time, otherwise that all important bandwith is used. Don't even KNOW what that is! But, suffice to say - I wish I could do more. While I was reading a knitter's BloG - it made me have an "A-HA!" moment. I do not remember the fellow's URL - but basically he stated that as knitters most of us are in a rut. We are boring. We are hindering the future knitters of the Universe by not expanding our repetoire of skills. We are wallowing in knits while we should be celebrating purls! It makes sense to me. While I feel my legacy of knitting might be considered mundane - I hope to at least keep the skill alive. Just to motivate you - I found this fiber artist this weekend - while not necessarily knitting - it sure will be leaving a legacy of skill! Welcome to the world of VOOG! TAG ME ... you are it!

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