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Thursday, March 15, 2007

Balance is such an important thing. I am working on ways to find 'better balance.' It sounds easy - it is proving to be a challenge.

I have to much stuff. To many dishes. To many Tshirts. To many spices that have been in the cupboard for years. And I won't even begin to tell you how many bars of hotel soap are in the linen closet.

So, while I am learning to appreciate the small moments in life - I am also learning to practice 'better balance'. No *new* tshirts can enter unless some older ones are either rehomed or made into cleaning cloths. No new dishes or glassware until some overly used ones are recycled. No more hotel soap ... I just can't use it all in one lifetime - I have actually banned it from entering the house.

Traveling the road of 'better balance' is good. Of course - one usually stumbles upon a road block here & there. Luckily, some road blocks are sweeter than others. Such is the case of "Sweet Pea", a beautiful jacob fleece

She can come to play with me as I am releasing some yarn into the Universe in the form of a hat, a pair of mittens and baby sox (the other soxlette is on the needles and will be completed tonight!) I just LOVE knitting for Charity!

Isn't *Balance* the best?
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Christine said...

Take the soaps down to the homeless shelter, or other organization. (Trust me, they will be a big hit) Cut the old t-shirts up to form long skinny loops and chain them together to create a funky yarn to knit rugs with. As for the dishes.... well in my house we only have so many. And every time one gets broken I always say, "that's okay, now I am one dish closer to a new set!" When I have less than half the set left, they get boxed up and taken down to the local thrift shop and I go pick out my new set!! Best part? No guilt. I've managed to recycle or reuse what can be salvaged and toss out what can't. ;)

Kathleen said...

Okay Kari, I've decded that I want all of the batts of "lovers in a rose garden", but need to know how much the shipping will be before I can actually say I'm buying. Could you leave me some info on my blog?