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Friday, March 09, 2007

Only 28 more pattern rows left in the Dubblemossa! How very cool. Of course, in the scheme of things - I still have about 9" of stockinette left to do as well - but, that should fly by once started.

I find it amazing that my attention span can be so .... minimal. Who knew?

Anyway, one thing I am loving is knitting my charity hats. These 2 babies weigh in at 9.3 oz! Does a heart good knowing that someone somewhere will be a little warmer because of a few sticks, some wool and a little effort.

Remember the Navajo Plying? Well, the hat in the background is knit from that yarn. Fun stripes, yes?? I did combine it with a handspun milk chocolate blend as I knew I would not have enough of the NP yarn. Today, I will do recon of the patterns once again .... I am in the mood for more charity knitting this weekend. The Dubblemossa will have to wait until Monday!
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Diana said...

Your blending of colors are great! You just do great work in all aspects of wool, dying, spinning, plying, knitting and GIVING!!!! I have decided on a wheel I want. Kromski Sonata. I am just waiting on a free Saturday to drive an hour from here to get it! I'll be asking you questions!!!

Kathleen said...

I love the hats! They're beautiful and they look so warm. Thanks for the great photo!