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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Now that our clocks have changed - I feel like I am getting more completed. I do believe that it is all imaginary. I am not doing anything differently than I was last Tuesday, but I feel more energized.

That is good ... I will take it. More time is always a gift from the Heavens. Time is one thing I know I take for granted. I am working on this as I know all time is way to short. Do we really have enough time in the day to create? To knit? To love? To do chores? I suppose we do, if we manage it wisely and don't let the 'junk' creep
into our souls. (Sorry, I really don't care that Britney is bald or that Paris hasn't been in the news for a bit and why-o-why are we still speaking about Anna Nicole's sad demise? These tidbits belong in their lives & in the lives of those who love them.) But, I digress .... time is what we make of it and I am really sure that ALL time is meant to be enjoyed.

I have been busy knitting more charity goods as well as spinning and dyEing. I have discovered that I actually have more time than I ever thought I did. I can knit an EZ PZ ribbed hat at work in the brief snippets of time that become available. While others may be able to do a more difficult pattern, K2 P1 works for me as I work with kids and have my attention diverted frequently. I don't have to concentrate on the pattern - it just flows ... the kids like to look at what I am doing & they ask questions - which is great, and someone, somewhere will appreciate the hat's warmth! I love the fact that I am also keeping sheepies very busy - producing the beautiful wools that I use. HaPpY Kary - HaPpY Universe!

Did you want to have a peek at the dyEing? I think I have captured another sunset in Celeste
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Christine said...

Woman, would you PLEASE stop making such drop dead gorgeous batts!!! I swear, you are about to send me to the poor house!

Oh Kary, you have really out done yourself!...... (praying someone else has already snatched them up so I can't buy them!!!)

Kathleen said...

Beeautiful batts! I'm actually quite taken with a different color of yours...I'm wondering if you would ship to Peru.